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BIPGM meaning

WHAT DOES "PEOPLE OF THE GLOBAL MAJORITY" MEAN? We use "people of the global majority" (PGM) interchangeably with "black, indigenous, and people of color" (BIPOC), since black, indigenous, and people of color represent over 80% of the world’s population. This wording points out the demographic inaccuracy of the euphemism "minority" and can feel more empowering for some people. WHY ARE WE MAKING SAFE SPACE FOR BIPGM MAKERS MARKETS? Black, indigenous, and people of color/the global majority are disproportionately not given resources and opportunity to be creatives, growers & makers. This is largely due to a deep history and ongoing legacy of settler colonialism and racial oppression based on which both the US and the conservation movements were founded. The result is that communities of color do not always have the resources and opportunities to be able to experience and enjoy nature and the outdoors; practice their important cultural tradition

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